Token Distribution


$RCC will be used within The Royal Chess Club ecosystem, and will fuel the P2E game released by The Royal Chess Club.

Chess is often known as the eternal game, and should be everlasting. $RCC will have a set supply of 550 million, each divisible to 6 decimal places. $RCC will not be deflationary or inflationary and will have measures to ensure the longevity and sustainability of its ecosystem.

Any holder of our $RCC token can sell them on exchanges that they are available in, or hold them and use them on our ecosystem - Marketplace, and Chess P2E platform.


  • 25% Platform Rewards (137,500,000)

  • 20% Staking Rewards (110,000,000)

  • 32% Token Presale (176,000,000)

  • 8% Token Liquidity (44,000,000)

  • 8% Project Treasury (44,000,000)

  • 4.5% Team Fund (24,750,000)

  • 2.5% Airdrop (13,750,000)

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