Team Fund

Team funds are allocated at 4.5% of the token distribution (24,750,000 million $RCC) to reward Royal Chess Club team for their early contributions to the project.

Team funds will be subjected to vesting periods, with a monthly release to protect any sell off of their tokens immediately after receiving them. This helps to ensure that the Royal Chess Club team have a long-term view of the project's success and are committed to its ongoing development.

The annual release structure for team funds will be allocated in the following breakdown:

  • Year 1: 2.25M $RCC (187,500 monthly)

  • Year 2: 4.5M $RCC (375,000 monthly)

  • Year 3: 6.75M $RCC (562,500 monthly)

  • Year 4: 11.25M $RCC (937,500 monthly)

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