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Royal Chess Club was a vision that spawned out from 3 NFT enthusiasts
Incognito -
Cardano Kristof -
Johnny Tran -
Each member from the team brings in a unique set of skills that include executing enterprise projects, strategy, marketing, web design & development; all of which will be applied towards the project.
Incognito, Founder
Cardano Kristof, Co-founder
Johnny Tran, Co-founder
Royal Chess Club is happy to share that we are now also doxxed with @The_Block_Group
doxxing service! Certificate attached below.
In addition to the main founders, Royal Chess Club also has a Partner and a Team of Discord and Twitter moderators that work closely with the team to help achieve our goals.
Koelie, Minter
Apollo, Discord Moderator
Danny, Twitter & Discord Moderator
Check Ping, Discord Moderator
O'Neil, Discord Moderator
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