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About Us

The Royal Chess Club is the first (of a kind) Cardano chess NFT project. This unique project comprises a dynamic collection of 300 chess sets with 4,800 NFTs on Cardano Blockchain.

Our art will feature 6 base characters that capture the 6 different types of chess pieces – King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn.

Chess art is divided into 10 families that are inspired by the evolution of the game across centuries. Each family is part of one of the four chess classes (Master, National, International, and Grandmaster) that allow you to stake and earn rewards.

Collect all 16 pieces of a chess art family (of any material) to make your own set and become a "Dynasty Master". Join our notable high society, by collecting all 16 pieces of the same family and material, to become a "Pyramid Master".

Purchase your chess NFTs by minting or through the secondary market. Become our chessboard NFT holder to be game-ready. Access our exclusive Chessverse, chess gaming that helps you expand your world of Crypto, through ownership or rental of chessboard NFT.

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