As previously stated, the longevity and sustainability of this ecosystem. Therefore, in order to protect the sustainability of this ecosystem for eternity, staking will never end, and will use daily emissions divided by the total multiplier for staking that one will receive.

How will staking never end?

In order to fuel this ecosystem, we will rely on the Marketplace, a key structure within our platform that is the basis of Royal Chess games. Players possess the ability to purchase special powers that will be used within a game of Royal Chess. These powers cannot be sold or traded, and are wallet-specific. The $RCC spent upon the Marketplace will be distributed back into the ecosystem at a ratio of:

  • 50% P2E Game Platform Rewards

  • 30% Staking Rewards

  • 15% Token Staking Rewards

  • 5% Royal Chess Club Treasury

The initial amount of $RCC delegated to the program is 110,000,000 $RCC, which will be 20% of the token distribution.

The daily emissions will include a dynamic emissions curve, upon the formula:

  • Daily Emissions = (Total $RCC Delegated x Dynamic Emissions Factor)

The amount each individual earns can be seen by the formula, in which X stands for the multiplier an individual may have:

  • Earnings (Daily) = (Daily Emissions x (User Multiplier Staked / Total Multiplier Staked))

Your multiplier is determined by two factors:

  • Chess Piece Class

  • Membership Card Booster

The multiplier for each Chess Piece Class is as follows:

  • Grandmaster (4x)

  • International (2x)

  • National (1.5x)

  • Master (1x)

The booster multiplier for the Membership Cards can be found on our website:

This multiplier is additive, and has no limit. Afterward, the MC card boost is applied. This results in the final multiplier being:

  • Multiplier = (Total Additive Chess Piece Multiplier x Membership Card Boost)

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