Chess Pieces

Our main collection

Leveraging complex levels of automation, our 4,800 pieces of art each have unique features generated from a combination of traits, with some traits being rarer than others.

Our chess NFT rarities are inspired by the evolution of the game across centuries.

Born out of the Indian game Chaturanga during the 600s AD, the game eventually evolved by the 16th century into chess as we know it today.

Capturing the 6 different types of chess pieces – King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn, every NFT holder will be a member of one of the 10 chess families. Notably, chess families will be made up of a variety of materials.

Chess NFTs will be ranked based on historical origin with the earliest being the rarest, with materials contributing to an additional layer of rarity.

All chess at NFTs can be staked to earn rewards through our native token, to be used within the Royal Chess Club ecosystem, and will fuel the P2E game platform.

Introducing our chess pieces from the Wooden material.

Chess Families and Perks

The 10 chess families will be part of one of the four chess classes (Master, National, International, and Grandmaster) that allow you to stake and earn rewards.

The multiplier for each chess class is as follows:

  • Master (1x)

  • National (1.5x)

  • International (2x)

  • Grandmaster (4x)

Our model has worked in higher rewards for rarer NFTs but higher discounts for lower tier NFTs.

Discord Roles

Unlock the power of awesome Discord roles by collecting the chess NFT set

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