This is a story from centuries ago, of empires strong and vast, ruled by Kings and Queens driven by their quest for power, chasing conquests through strategy.

What started as Chaturanga, a game of war strategy with attacking moves, swiftly spread across the Eastern world to give birth to Xiangqi, Shatranj, Shogi, Makruk and Shatar.

The genesis of Shatranj in the middle east inspired Senterej, Acedrex, Xadrez and Zatrikion across Africa and the Western world. It moved across time, passed through generations of royalty, nobility and the gentry.

These kingdoms were guided by their trusted advisors, protected by armored knights, defended by their loyal warriors, led by their mighty King and powerful Queen.

Of all the strategies, the endgame would prove most crucial and decide the fate of every kingdom, to conquer or be conquered.

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