Holders of the Royal Chess Club Memberships Cards & Set Holders (all master roles) will have a total of 13,750,000 $RCC (2.5% of the token distribution) distributed to them.

The airdrops will proceed by the following method.

  • There will be a snapshot period of 9 weeks

  • In order to receive the airdrop, the Membership Cards and Chess sets must remain in your wallet during the snapshot period. You may receive rewards for a portion of the period as well, as multiple snapshots will be taken weekly at undisclosed times to prevent any manipulation of the snapshots

  • Those who hold their Royal Chess Club Membership Cards and Chess sets for the entirety of the 9 weeks will receive a Limited Edition Diamond Card. This card is simply for semantics, and will have no utility.

Airdrop Distribution

  • 80% of the 13,750,000 $RCC (11,000,000 $RCC) will go to Membership Card Holders

  • 20% of the 13,750,000 $RCC (2,750,000 $RCC) go to the Chess set Holders in the following breakdown:

    • Guild Master (25%)

    • Shrine Master (30%)

    • Dynasty Master (30%)

    • Pyramid Master (15%)

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