Platform Mechanics

This is an overview on the mechanics of the P2E game that will be launched by Royal Chess Club. This P2E game will be off-chain, however will use smart contracts in order to function. 25% of the token distribution will be allocated to platform rewards (137,500,000 $RCC)

The 137,500,000 $RCC tokens will be distributed to Learn-To-Earn, Traditional Chess, and Royal Chess variants of the game as follows:

  • The Royal Chess Variant will contain 80% of the P2E game platform rewards

  • The Traditional Chess Variant will withhold 15% of the P2E game platform rewards

  • The final 5% of the platform rewards will be allocated towards Royal Chess Rewards

    • The top 100 players by rating will compete for a weekly pot

    • Multiple Tournaments will be hosted on a daily - weekly - monthly basis

P2E game platform fee structure

There are two types of fee structure for the P2E game platform

Game Fees:

Game fees required to play game. Game fee for top tier will cost more than lower tier. Game fees are paid upfront, meaning that the player must make a payment before they can play it. Game fees can also help to ensure that players are committed to playing the game, as they have already invested money in it. Game fees are attached to the family tier of the chessboards and are as follows:

  • Chaturanga: 10,000 $RCC

  • Shatranj & Xianqi: 5,000 $RCC

  • Shogi/Shatar/Makruk: 1,000 $RCC

  • Senterej/Xadrez/Acedrex/Zatrikion: 250 $RCC

Minimum game entry fee will be set for every tier, users will be allowed to raise the bet to a maximum allowed game fee for bigger stakes.

Rental Fees:

Rental fees refer to the cost of renting a chessboard to play a game for those that do not own the chessboard or pieces of these families.

Rental fees are waived for holders of chessboard or pieces of these families. If one owns a Membership Card, they will have no rental fees on all boards except for Chaturanga board. Rental fees are attached to the family tier of the chessboards and are as follows:

  • Chaturanga: 2,500 $RCC

  • Shatranj & Xiangqi: 750 $RCC

  • Shogi/Shatar/Makruk: 100 $RCC

  • Senterej/Xadrez/Acedrex/Zatrikion: 25 $RCC

Discount on P2E

  • The Membership Cards provide a static discount to game fees:

    • Bronze results in a 15% deduction

    • Silver in a 10%

    • Gold in a 5%

    • Legendary Gambits resulting in a 20% deduction

  • The ownership of pieces also provide discounts to game fees:

    • King (10%)

    • Queen (9%)

    • Rooks (5%)

    • Knights & Bishops (3%)

    • Pawns (1%)

    • The highest tier piece you have will be taken as the discount

    • Alternatively, securing a full set will result in a 15% discount

  • All discounts will be added together before being applied

Tournament fee

  • To be announced.

Fee distribution

  • Game winner will get 80% of the total fees collected (including game fees and rental fees)

  • 20% of the total fees collected will be used towards platform cost and will be split as below

    • 50% into the staking platform for Chess pieces' families (based on the family board played)

    • 25% into the P2E Game Platform rewards

    • 15% into Staking Platform rewards

    • 7.5% into Token Staking Rewards

    • 2.5% to the Royal Chess Club treasury

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