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Membership Cards

Enjoy front of the line access to future mints, airdrops, exclusive benefits, lifetime OG Status.
Each membership Card comes with 3 materials and 3 rarities (1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars)
  • Bronze Membership Card
  • Silver Membership Card
  • Gold Membership Card
Bronze Membership Card
Silver Membership Card
Gold Membership Card
Supply: 1050 Membership Cards
Breakdown on the total cards minted by rarities and stars can be seen below:
1 Star
2 Stars
3 Stars
The many membership card benefits:
Guaranteed mint for chess art
Exclusive airdrop of our tokens
Booster multiplier for staking
Game discounts on our P2E platform
Exclusive early bird entry on chess platform
Claim OG status by owning a Membership Card!
The base booster multiplier for our Membership Cards are as follows:
  • Bronze Membership Card - 1.05x
  • Silver Membership Card - 1.15x
  • Gold Membership Card - 1.25x
Visit our Website to find out your Booster multiplier based on the Membership Card you own.
The Membership Cards provide a static discount to game fees:
  • Bronze - 15% discount
  • Silver - 10% discount
  • Gold - 5% discount
  • Legendary Gambits - 20% discount
The Whitelist allocation by Membership Cards are available below. The Whitelist allocation is stackable by Membership Cards.
Join our Discord to learn more about Membership Card holder roles
OG - Any Membership Card
Castling Collector - Holding one of each material (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Bronze Gambit - Bronze material all 3 rarities
Silver Gambit - Silver material all 3 rarities
Gold Gambit - Gold material all 3 rarities
Legendary Gambit - All rarities (9 MC Cards)
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