Our Vision

Royal Chess Club's goal is to build the First (of a kind) Cardano chess P2E Platform.

Chess is one of the oldest, most popular strategic board games that simulates a war arena between two powerful kingdoms. With the origin dating back to the 600s AD, it spread far and wide, across geographical boundaries to eventually evolve into chess as we know it today.

Our P2E platform will feature learn-to-play and play-to-earn versions of chess. The play-to-earn version will have an mechanism to earn rewards while having fun playing the game.

The game platform will be built off-chain, however will integrate with Cardano blockchain in order to function. The game will be made available for both mobile and desktop.

While honoring the core principals of chess, we envision a variant of the traditional chess game, where users can leverage our Marketplace to buy special powers. These powers will enable players to build their own creative strategies for play, giving them an edge to win.

Welcome to the world of Royal Chess.

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