P2E Chess Platform

Are you a novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert chess player?

All are welcome to play and earn at our Royal Chess Club.

  • Come and play whether you own Royal Chess Club NFTs or not

  • Get exclusive game discounts and game rewards with our Membership Cards and chess pieces NFTs

  • Stake your chess pieces NFTs for passive income

  • Utilize our native token to enter chess platform

The Royal Chess Club P2E game platform will be built off-chain and will be integrated with Cardano Blockchain to to verify wallet/NFT ownership, pay fees (our native tokens), and claim rewards.

The game will be made available for both mobile and desktop with a responsive design and a better game experience.

Free Learn-to-play games

  • Monthly rewards for the top 100 on leader board

Play-to-earn variants of chess game

Traditional Chess

  • Standard chess games

  • All rules that apply to traditional chess

Royal Chess

  • Play the traditional game in a modern way

  • Purchase special powers from our marketplace to boost your game

  • Use special powers such as plotting landmines on squares or locking the opponent's king which will be made available to purchase using our native tokens

  • Incorporate your unique creative strategies into the game using your special powers to even the playing field and have a winning edge


  • Arena tournaments

  • Swiss tournaments

Fee Structure

Rental fees

  • If a user owns Membership Cards, all rental fees are waived except for Chaturanga family board games

  • If user owns chess pieces or chessboard NFT from that family tier then rental fee is waived

  • If user does not own chess pieces or chessboard NFT from that family tier, they can rent it

  • Rental fee will vary for tiers with a gradual increase in price from the lower to higher tiers

Game fees

  • Game fees required to play game

  • Game fee for top tier will cost more than lower tier

  • Ownership of Membership Card or chess pieces in user's Cardano wallet provides discounts to game fees

  • Minimum game entry fee will be set for every tier, users will be allowed to raise the bet to a maximum allowed game fee for bigger stakes

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